2 Weeks In…

Well here we are 2 weeks in and have a combined mileage of around 1,151.55 miles run!

I wasn’t sure how this race would play out exactly with participants and interest and mileage. A lot of runners are participating in various virtual races for various organizations and reasons. I knew i wanted a longer term race for longer term motivation. Not everyone can or will dedicate themselves or challenge themselves to attempt <5 miles a day for a year. Some are still trying to get 5 miles a week or 5 runs a month. Luckily this is ok because we all have our own races to run.

We have runners and walkers that are just getting up and out and moving. 5 miles a day, when intentional, can be a challenge. This means anywhere from 30 minutes for some to an hour and a half for others. It really doesn’t matter in the long run (ha) because you have a year to finish. All you have to do is go out once a week, or twice, for 1-2 hours and do a little catching up.

So the idea being if you want to move, you will move. You can decide where you’re moving to. Are you moving towards a finish? An end? Are you moving towards something new, something you have always wanted to be or be near? It’s up to you. Get up, get dressed and go outside. Or stay inside if it’s oppressive heat and you have a treadmill! But get up and out and get moving!

A very special thank you to everyone that is participating and sharing this event to include as many people as are interested!

As many runners are still joining and others have actually broken 100 miles covered already, here are the first 390 miles of border towns we are headed to or been through!

Thank you again and keep moving!


And stay tuned for a different post regarding a different race happening in 3 weeks! Chasing Bigfoot 25k!

2 thoughts on “2 Weeks In…

  1. Team Unsupervised Adults has almost made it a combined 100 miles. Should hit it today!! We’re someplace between Rock Creek and Cloverdale. Enjoying the run so far and the scenery along the way!!


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