Chasing Bigfoot 75k is coming…

Have you ever wanted to chase bigfoot…? Have you ever wanted to run a lot…? Well this first running of the Chasing Bigfoot 75k may be just for you…!

This run will start at the trailhead of the Gandy Dancer Trail in Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin and go the whole southern section to Danbury, Wisconsin…!

We will be self supporting of the most part of the race… Each runner will have a crew for themselves or a crew designated for them… The race will provide each crew vehicle with water and limited food… Each runner will run their own distance and their crew will support them along the route… While the crew is waiting for their runner, if another runner appears and support isn’t there for them, share the race provided water and/ or food… We are all out here for the same thing and each of us can and should help support each other…

Let race command know what your intended mileage goal is prior to the start and a phone number/ contact for your crew- this will ensure contact is available throughout the race for updates and communication…!


Maps of the route will be coming… The trail has road crossings and intersections that make for simple support from the runner’s crew… Pacers are allowed and bicycles may be used for pacing and crewing but must obtain a Trail Day Pass if the rider is over 16 years of age…

There will be a 13 hour time limit for the full 75k route… This means we will consider the race finished and proceed with the festivities and relaxation after the race… Anyone still on the trail is welcome to finish in their own time, or be picked up and brought to the finish area for post race activities…

Race will start at 6:00am on August 30th… Finish at 7:00pm August 30th…


Thank you for your planned participation in this inaugural running of the Chasing Bigfoot 75k…!

Any questions, please visit the Facebook Event Page for updates and information and/ or email:

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