Ragnar Relay Race Status Update

The Status of these Races will be Updated as the changes are made. Complete information and details of each Race as well as the Safety Precautions and COVID-19 Protocol for each race can be found at runragnar.com

This Race Status Update Page is NOT AFFILIATED with RAGNAR RELAYS in any way…

go get it…

March 13Miami SunsetComplete
April 9/10So Cal RoadCanceled
April 16/17Atlanta TrailComplete
May 14/15Zion TrailComplete
May 21/22Kentucky TrailComplete
June 5Twin Cities SunsetComplete
June 11/12Colorado TrailComplete
June 12Wasatch Back SprintComplete
July 9/10Northwest Passage RoadComplete
July 10/11Tahoe TrailCanceled
August 7/8Oregon TrailCanceled
August 13/14Appalachians TrailComplete
August 20/21Minnesota RoadComplete
August 20/21Tetons TrailCanceled
August 27/28Rainier TrailComplete
August 28San Francisco Sunset Canceled
September 10/11Richmond TrailActive
September 11Seattle SunsetActive
September 17/18Reach the Beach RoadActive
September 18Reach the Beach SprintActive
September 24/25Michigan RoadActive
September 24/25Wisconsin TrailActive
October 2NOVA SunsetActive
October 2/3New Jersey TrailActive
October 15/16Texas TrailActive
October 15/16The Bourbon Chase RoadActive
October 22/23New England RoadActive
October 30 Lake Las Vegas SunsetActive
November 6/7So Cal TrailCanceled
November 12/13Arizona TrailActive
December 3/4Florida TrailActive
June 25/26Michigan TrailComplete